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Đề cương chi tiết môn Speaking 2


  • To assist students in communicating with confidence in English
  • To help students to express accurately, fluently and appropriately by using target language in real-life settings
  • To give opportunity to develop conversation skills
  • To provide a venue for speaking practiceĐ

Đề cương chi tiết môn Nghe 2

This course aims at developing students' listening ability. On one hand, this course equips students with the ability to use different listening strategies such as listening for gist, numbers, key details, inference, etc. In order to do that, various listening sources are  exploited including conversations, presentations, lectures, monologs, interviews, and reports. On the other hand, this course introduces students to academic note-taking skills with real academic lectures. These lectures focus on common rhetorical patterns such as chronology, process, comparison/contrast, and causal analysis. 

Đề cương chi tiết môn Reading 2

After completing Reading 1, this course is for the first-year students majoring in English at HITC with more practice in reading strategies and advanced topics. The course provides students with many opportunities to deal with different types of tasks in reading skill. Besides, it helps them get to know global issues and familiar with international testing format. In addition, students can enlarge advanced-topic vocabulary, build up a wide range of grammatical points and improve their writing skill with the typical reading texts. Moreover, it is a good chance for them to combine their critical thinking with practical experience in daily life.

Đề cương chi tiết môn Writing 2

This course focuses on writing correct sentences within simple paragraphs by using different grammatical, syntactical and lexical items. Not only carefully guides students through subject-and-verb agreement, punctuation, and a wide range of vocabulary in various topics, the course also provides them with a number of samples and plenty of activities in every unit.
Upon successful completion of this module, students can effectively write sentences to build meaningful paragraphs as well as improve their editing skills.

Đề cương chi tiết môn Listening 1

This course is intended for first year English major students at HITC. The course provides students with the chance to learn and practice listening skills that are mostly used in social communication. In addition, students can also enlarge their vocabulary, understand and use correctly intonation, pronunciation, collocation and language function focusing on daily conversations such as transportation, shopping, health problems, work and jobs, hobbies and pastimes, etc