Đề Cương Chi Tiết Môn Nghe 3

This course is intended for the English majors at their third semester. The course provides students with a chance to learn and practice listening skills that are mostly used at work. By taking this course, students can enlarge their vocabulary, understand and use correctly intonation, pronunciation, collocation and language function focusing on business situations (conferences, voicemails, making arrangements, finance and accounting, cross – cultural negotiation …..) in different countries. It also provides students with chance to combine their critical thinking with practical experience so that they actively make up subjunctive situations at work.  


Đề cương chi tiết môn Business Interpretation

This course provides students a chance to repractice the interpretation skills they have learnt. In addition, students are aslo able to improve those skills and interpret longer sentences and more complex texts. Finally, they know more business terms in both English and Vietnamese and become familiar with some business situations.

Đề cương chi tiết môn Business Research Methodology

This course is intended for second year English major students at HITC. The course focuses on the analysis of business problems and the use of scientific research as a problem-solving tool. This encompasses the understanding and application of appropriate research designs, research statistics, the use of the computer for data analyses, and report writing and presentation. 

Đề cương chi tiết môn Business Translation

This course introduces students to issues related to the translation of commercial and financial texts in English and Vietnamese. Drawing attention to the linguistic features of these texts, the course will show students, through examples, ways of translating these texts. The course focuses on texts that discuss the business environment of businesses where Vietnamese -English and English – Vietnamese translation is regularly required. These documents include formal and informal correspondence, contracts, newsletters, market reviews and promotional texts.

Đề cương chi tiết môn Interpretation

This course introduces students to levels and types of interpreting as well as the criteria, rules and code of ethics for interpreters. Besides, students have many chances to practice some foundation skills for consecutive interpretation such as note taking, paraphrasing, simplifying, etc. Upon successful completion of this course, students can become language aides at beginning level; as well as, improve their English listening skills.